Sitting on the other side of the table

I volunteered at the EAP Japan orientation yesterday. I had no idea that my blog comes up as one of the top results for Tsuru University on Google! I’m flattered that my blog has been of help, and it was interesting to hear from people I’ve met in real life talk about my blog. Expect a little bit changes and cleaning up of the site in the days to come! (I should be doing reading right now, but I’m posting this instead…)

I’m listing off topics here that have come to mind and that I think I should post eventually–

  • [DONE] Apartment info — I unfortunately never got around to taking photos, but I do plan on posting up a drawing of the floor plan. I’ll also talk about rent payment, etc.
  • [DONE] What’s in the neighborhood
  • More on cell phones — Getting them, recharging them, the SoftBank website, etc.
  • Receiving packages
  • What to pack and what to leave at home
  • The campus

If there are any topics you would like to suggest or you would like to ask specific questions, leave a comment or hop on over to my formspring!


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