Final Grades

Why, hello GPA boost. Well, only a little, from 3.55 to 3.59.

Lately, everything has been reminding me of Japan, meaning intense nostalgia and longing to be back there. I suppose at this time of the semester, we would be preparing to climb Mt. Fuji or we would have climbed it already? The semester would be winding down… taking finals for our classes… I was planning to stick around after the program had ended, since we could rent our apartment per day until the end of month. It would have been a wonderful opportunity to travel.

At this point, I’m strongly considering applying to the JET program; however, I know I can’t just limit my options to that.  Also, because I might need an extra semester, I feel in a sort of limbo sometimes.

I am really happy to have recently received questions at my formspring account regarding Tsuru. I’m so happy for those of you who will be going to Tsuru! (And a bit jealous, of course) Please do send questions anytime! I’m also quick about answering them since they go straight to my e-mail.


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