Nabe Party (Tsuru)

Nabe party at Chie’s with Cece, Haruka, and Kayo.

チエ:また鍋をしよう! (Mata nabe wo shiyou; Let’s make nabe again sometime!)
私:えっ?わたなべ?わたなべ・けん? (Eh? Watanabe? Watanabe Ken?)

Ahaha, I heard Chie wrong when she said that. It was a nice little get together, and the nabe was good. It was tomato nabe with onions, cabbage(?), mushrooms, chicken, and sausages.

I’m worried I might be catching a cold. ): I woke up with a runny nose, but I thought it might be the usual runny nose I have when it’s cold, but it was heavier than usual. Then later in the afternoon, my throat started feeling a little sore. I bought a Vitamin C lemon drink, but I wonder if it worked? I totally forgot to bring witamin C pills and zinc lozenges with me from back home. Just hope it won’t get any worse… I haven’t had a bad cold or fever in a long time because I’m very good at preventing them. Going to keep my fingers crossed!


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