2/23~2/24/2011 (Tsuru)

TOKYO! Today, Friday, and Saturday! This probably means a long, bullet point post soon.

We have a four day weekend after our midterm on Wednesday. Surprisingly, it wasn’t very bad at all. I’m pretty sure I did really well. (And here, an 80% actually counts as an A…) I forgot a few kanji, like 参者書, but I found the kanji portion easier than the grammar. Tests here are actually easier than Berkeley’s, and the way they’re written is more interesting.

After the exam, went grocery shopping with Lina and Samm for okonomoyaki party ingredients! It was a bit of work, but fun, and my second try at making one went a lot better than my first. Probably because I poked at it a bit much. They were yummy, but I don’t think my tummy liked it so much later in the day. (-_-||| )

After hurrying to finish the food, we left for the elementary school. Madoka was with me today, and we helped the teachers with teaching the kids “mother, father, sister, brother, baby.” We played a game with the kids that was a lot of fun, where one person is an oni in the middle and shouts out one of the words like “mother”, and whoever has the name tag with the picture of the mother has to get up and switch seats.

When we got home, Samm and I went back to the bowling place to do purikura with just the two of us. Since we haven’t done purikura yet with just the two us. (A SIN, LOL)

Leaving with Samm, Lina, Cece, and Thomas for Tokyo in 15 minutes! 🙂


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