2/19~2/20/2011: Narita Airport, Tokyo, Tsuru

Have 5 days really passed that quicky??

Well, this will be quick, since I just finished studying kanji and writing my (short) sakubun and I should go to sleep soon since it’s 2:30 a.m.

Went to Narita Airport yesterday ALL BY MYSELF to pick up my friend Samm, who is here to visit me for a week! It went really well, despite me getting off a stop too early, and being told to go to the wrong Terminal twice. Thankfully, Japan’s rail system is well organized, and I can ask for directions without a problem.

Tonight, I went bowling with Samm, Thomas, Cece, Lina, Yoichi (oni-san 笑) and Kanako, a friend of his that we met for the first time. I’ve never gone bowling much, so I’ve always thought I was really bad and was kind of reluctant to play, but I’m glad I did! We played 2 rounds for 1000円, and I got my first strike EVER! 😀 After that, we stuffed ourselves into the purikura booth that’s also in the bowling place and took a few shots!

A busy, but fun weekend… right before our midterm on Wednesday.


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