2/13~2/14/2011: Valentine’s Day (Tsuru)

Looks good, doesn’t it? ;D On Sunday, Kana, Fumie and I made these oreo truffle balls for Valentine’s Day! They took about 3 hours, and though it was a bit difficult, it was a lot of fun! Especially since this was my first time ever making chocolates, I’m pleased with how they turned out. Sadly, since it’s spring break, a lot of students aren’t here so there are a lot of people I haven’t been able to see, so handing them out to everyone hasn’t been easy. ): Ah well, I guess I’ll just be handing them out whenever I happen to see someone…

I’ve learned about Valentine’s Day and White Day in Japan before, but it’s different experiencing it. Maybe it’s because I actually involved myself and made chocolate, plus I’ve gotten some chocolates or cookies (from Kana, Hitomi, and Lina), but it feels like there’s more of a meaning to Valentine’s Day here in Japan, compared to the more commercialized feel that it has in America. Not to say that it’s not a commercialized holiday too. Just going to Ogino 2 weeks before Valentine’s day, you’re bombarded by stacks of chocolate bars and cute gifts, as well as an overplayed song promoting chocolate (probably by AKB48, I’m sure).

It snowed a lot yesterday afternoon and last night, so though the sun was out today, the snow was very deep. It was hard walking to school this morning. 大変だった!It was a sight to see though, the snow completely covering the roads, cars, and rooftops.

Today we had 練習 of our speeches with Takami-sensei. I was stressed about it last night, since we had to memorize it, but it turned out not to be so bad at all. Compared to Cece and Thomas, I suppose I don’t feel so bad with how mine went… I’ll have to fix my drawings though, I don’t like how they look, and they’re 面倒くさい during presentation. A lot of homework to do tonight, since the other sensei said that we have a test next week, that she would start giving me a lot of homework.


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