2/11~2/12/2011: Snow Day and Meeting Host Family (Tsuru)

What a boring day today. OTL. I at least went out to buy ingredients to make chocolate tomorrow! :3 Planning to make these truffles (トロフ) with Cece and some of the tutors tomorrow! It’ll be my first attempt at making chocolates, so I hope they turn out well! Spent about $10 on chocolates and things, so I don’t think that was too bad. Bumped into Fumie and her kantan boy at Ogino. Of course, kantan boy had to ask if the chocolates are for him. -_-; lol. It’s been snowing a lot, especially earlier this evening. I stupidly did NOT put in my gloves when Cece and I were returning from our little trip to Ogino and Seria and I COULDN’T FEEL MY HANDS. Never. AGAIN.

Yesterday I met my host family, Henmi-san and his wife and daughter. They seem really nice, though I did feel a little awkward at some points because they didn’t talk much. :S Kinda wish my host family had younger kids to play with, like Cece’s does. But they seem really nice and friendly! They gave me some really pretty flowers and a box of chocolates.

After the host family party, it had snowed enough to have a snowball fight and make snowmen with Cece, Kana, Madoka, Fumie, Yurie, Hitomi, and Sayumi! It was my first time doing either. One of the best days EVER so far!

Later that evening, we had a nomikai Cece’s apartment. Madoka, Fumie, Yurie and Hitomi came, as well as Hiromi, whom we met at the ryuugakusei soubetsukai (a farewell party for the Chinese exchange students).

All the Tsuru students are done with their classes and are on spring break until April, so the tutors and everyone else are really free to hang out! I think this will be a very fun next few weeks! 🙂


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