Tecolote (Tsuru)

Ate dinner at Tecolote, an Italian restaurant REALLY close to our apartments with Thomas and Lina tonight. Lina is Thomas’s neighbor and we met her last night. She’s really cute, her English is cute, and loves pink — if you could see half her shoes, her e-mail address, her room, you’d think she’s a princess. Cece and I helped her last night with her speech.

Thomas thought our waitress was really cute… only to realize she was only SIXTEEN. Thomas’s pouting face when he realized she was jailbait was hilarious. PEDO OPPA!

I promised Lina that we should make cake together sometime. We’re thinking of making a red velvet cake, and then Lina said we should give it to Thomas on Valentine’s Day. XD (Seems us 3 are the only single people… all the tutors seem to have boyfriends! LOL)

Class has been pretty nice. I was separated from Cece and Thomas because my kanji level is higher than theirs, though the teachers have said that our grammar and speaking levels are pretty much the same. It felt nice to have the teacher today tell me that my kanji is very good, when I haven’t had much confidence in my kanji knowledge for a long time.

Today is setsubun (節分), which marks the beginning of spring, and the (lunar) new year. We learned in class today that Japanese people throw mame beans (豆) beans outside, to keep oni (鬼; lit. demons; bad luck, bad health, etc.) and let fuku (福; good fortune, etc.) in. Earlier, when Lina was in my apartment, a group of guys rang our doorbell. I opened the door, and was immediately greeted by someone with a mask on. I stared, closed the door, but they opened it and they threw so much peanuts, candy, and things at us! I asked Lina if she knew them, and she said they were senpai! I think I like this Japanese holiday!

Well, I should go to sleep early. After class tomorrow, we’re going to TOKYO for the whole weekend!


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