Pasta Party (Tsuru)

私(カミール): あっ、まどかさんの彼氏?
: えー!ありえない!!

So that guy who came by my apartment the night before and I thought was Madoka’s boyfriend? Turns out he’s NOT. And not Fumi-san’s either (He’s actually her ex). あの彼はちょっと...

The party last night was a lot of fun! It ended up being eleven people in Cece’s room, but the food was more than enough! I’m really happy that they all liked it, especially the tutors! Kana, Madoka, and Sayumi helped me cook. Kana is always the most energetic and happy, it’s always fun being around her! She said she would like the recipe from me so she could make it for her future boyfriend.

Making the pasta does take a bit of time, so I was really tired and wanted to drink after that. Haha! I was really weak though, so after 3 shots of whiskey that Thomas had brought and some of the nihonshuu from one of the guys, I was already laughing too much. It was a fun night! Though Thomas refused to do any kpop dances…

I was too sleepy and didn’t get to review for the placement test that was this morning, but it wasn’t that bad of an exam at all! The exam consisted of 1) grammar 2) kanji 3) a one page essay, and 4) a really short interview. Surprisingly, I found the kanji the easiest. Halfway through the grammar test, there were vocab and grammar that I didn’t know. Interview was really easy, except I made a really dumb mistake, but overall, I think I did really well and it was a fairly easy exam.


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