Senbei Shop; Laundry How-To (Tsuru)

Bought some osenbei at a shop today! They’re really good in their simplicity. The taste is like really really light ginger snaps. Also some bought a few shuu cream (cream puffs) at the cake shop too. :3 Yay, now I have some snacks in my fridge! You know what else I love? Being able to buy a bottle of milk tea for REALLY cheap.

I also did my first load of laundry. Japanese washing machines require a few more steps. Thanks goodness for Google and The Japan Guy! His video felt like I was watching Blue’s Clues.

For the machine in my apartment, there’s a knob button under the lid that you have to turn that indicates the size of your load: 少、低、中、高. Basically you have from small to a large load. Then you have to choose the course of your load, weak or strong, like if you’re washing jeans or not. What I was doing wrong was I had pressed the button that’s close to the numbers 6 and 9. With that button, you can delay your laundry to start in 6, 9, or 15 hours. I suppose I’ll never use that.

Also, hanging out my clothes out to dry on the balcony was a different experience. It was actually very peaceful. I also aired out my futon, since Takiguchi-san warned to do it once a week or it’s going to get moldy.

Well, Hitomi and her boyfriend, Madoka, Miyaji should be coming in an hour. Then we’re going to go and cook and eat at Hitomi’s house since I don’t have a table/kotatsu in my room. Gonna go sort through the ingredients I bought earlier and make sure I got everything!

Note to self: Don’t forget your shopping bag when you go grocery shopping! Or they’ll charge you for the plastic.


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