Settling In. Cell phone and Other Shopping (Tsuru)

ケイタイを買った〜♫ Softbank prepaid phone 🙂

I’M SO CONFUUUSED, LOL. Madoka’s kareshi, Hiro, came by earlier to give me his phone to talk to Madoka…. but I didn’t know WHY. Uh, she asked me if I have a desk, and I must’ve sounded sleepy, because she asked me if I was sleepy, and was sorry for calling, etc. Then she asked me to give the phone back to Hiro, and they talked about something, and that was it. Then Hiro and I talked about how cold it is, and he asked if I’ve seen Mt. Fuji… but then that was it. WHAT DID HE COME FOR, LOL. What did Madoka want?? …I should ask Madoka tomorrow, I guess. (If I remember OTZ)

Today, Hitomi took us shopping at J-Mart, which is near Fumi-san’s house. I bought a towel (after getting a bad one at Seria. DON’T BUY! Even if it’s ONLY 100 yen!), some notebooks an pencils, and a hairdryer. Then we went to Fumi-san’s house, and she took us to get keitai (cell phones) after that. I felt BAD because I didn’t bring my passport, and we need it to sign up. So Fumi-san drove me back to the apartment while Thomas and Cece did the paperwork for their phones. (~___~;; ) Fumi-san and I were able to talk a lot. I told her about the super tiny turtles I saw at J-Mart that are only about $7. We also talked about cooking and my family, the Philippines. Fumi-san has been to the Philippines, and said she was surprised when they were outside BBQing, and they still ate the fish even if flies had been there.

Fumi-san had invited us to her house for NABE! 😀 Her son Kenta and his girlfriend Nacchan (Natsuki) picked us up. We had salad, nabe, and crepes for dessert. Also met Fumi-san’s husband, who somehow ended up being called Papa-san! He gave us some wine from Yamanashi-ken that was good in that it wasn’t very strong. AH, and I saw a KAT-TUN ad on Fumi-san’s TV! It’s getting around to people that I’m a KAT-TUN fan. XD It’s their recent CM with them driving together that uses ULTIMATE WHEELS as the campaign song.

….Okay, SOMEHOW, word has gotten around that I’m making pasta for everyone. It’s become a PARTY for tomorrow. Kana (Cece’s tutor — yes, I remember her name now!) helped me buy groceries on the first day at Tsuru, and when we were talking about cooking, she asked me what I could make. I told her I can make pasta, and since she can’t cook, we all should make it sometime. AND SOMEHOW IT’S TURNED INTO A PARTY FOR TOMORROW NIGHT. Where the tutors will all come! I’m feeling a bit of pressure…. maybe. OTZ

I sent my first メール (mail/text message). It took me so long JUST to type, 「今日はたのしかった!ありがとう!テストを頑張って!」in response to Hitomi. Japanese text messaging is rather hard…. BUT I WILL GET IT. ガンバローー!!


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